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2019 AOG Users Conference

Feburary 4-7 2019 Raleigh, NC

Join us for our annual energy conference to learn about what is happening in the industry.

AOG Users Group

2019 AOG USers Conference

You are cordially invited to a three day conference to look at Alternative GT Maintenance Solutions and Strategies pertaining to the repair, service and maintenance of your Gas and Steam Turbine(s). This Seminar will deliver informative presentations from leading independent turbine maintenance services providers as well as the OEM’s with a primary focus on the GT8, GT11, GT13, GT24 and GT26, as well as provide a forum for open discussions with other end-users/owners. The purpose of the Seminar is to provide attendees with information that will enable them to make informed maintenance decisions and negotiate better service contracts, all with the goal of Increasing Reliability and Controlling Costs within the challenging market conditions of the power industry. This conference is free to all end-users.

Keynote Speakers / Solution Providers

Learn about all the latest technolgy from the following..

* Liburdi Turbine Services Inc.

* Chevron

* Pioneer Motor Bearing

* TPC Components

* General Electric

* Power Services Group

* Midland Cogeneration Venture

* AGT Services

* SS&A Power Consultancy

* Combined Cycle Journel

* Emerson Power & Water Solutions

* Arnold Group

* Ansaldo Energia / PSM

*  Stork

* MegaWatt Machine

* Doosan

* TEServices

Conference Overview

18:30-20:00 Registration / Meet & Greet 

* Liburdi - Proven cost savings with Technology-Driven Life Extensions of HGP-Parts
* Pioneer - Alstom's Exclusive Bearing Repair Licensee - Intro to Pioneer Motor Bearing Company     
* Doosan - 11N Rotor Assessment and Overhaul
* General Electric - Fleet Support - Update on Technical and Operational Capabilities
* Emerson Power & Water - Ovation Control System and upgrade case studies
* Arnold - Insulation systems and On-Site Machining services for Alstom turbines
* Power Services Group - Alstom GT & ST Field Services
* Midland Cogen Ventures - Best Practices for Managing Employee Attrition
* Stork - Compressor / Reverse Engineering of Replacement Parts
* TPC - Development and manufacture of hot-gas-path components
* Chevron - Major Capitol Parts Life Optimisation
* MegaWatt Mach - Valve repair & Critical Spare management
* TEServices - Vendor verification/Spec writing
* Ansaldo/PSM - GT26: OEM Product Service Upgrades for Improved Operational Flexibility and Reliability
* AGT - Generator Stator and Field Electrical Testing
* SS&A - Optimization of Gas Turbine Maintenance Strategies
* End-User Only Session - Collaborate with other attendees    

The End User/Owner training overview
* Basic Gas Turbine Metallurgy & Materials Component Workshop (Liburdi) 8 hours
* Turbine and Generator Bearings:  Fundamentals and Refurbishment (Pioneer Motor Bearing) 4 hours
* Generator Stator and Field Electrical Testing (AGT Services) 4 hours 


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A special single room rate of $179.00 per night has been agreed with the StateView for attendees.

Conference Registration

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